Mobile 4C


The 8th Coralis Cooperative Competency Center (4C) as been set up 2 weeks ago.

This 4C around the most promising technologies is composed of a broad range of profiles starting from developers to project leaders.

Tom De Block  who leads this Mobile 4C was involved in one of the first projects in that area in Belgium and has already more than 9 years experience in the mobile domain.


The first meetings led immediately to concrete initiatives. Two of the developers started 2 geolocalization pilot projects on iPhone, one related to restaurants and the other to real estate.

Meanwhile very promising sales actions at 2 main transportation public enterprise and one private held media company were taken.

Coralis is at the point to deliver his first project at one of them.

If you are, as a prospect or as a freelance, interested in the activities of this group you may send an email to Tom De Block.