Cooperation is key

Coralis is a cooperative company operating according to the Belgian law.

Founded in February of 2003 it already regroups almost 300 ICT professionals.

Coralis has become a major player in the market; it offers the advantages of a big company, lacking however the disadvantages.

It offers to its members a broad portfolio of existing customers, a follow up of the commercial relationships and is continuously on the watch for new contract job or projects opportunities.

Due to its dimension it may address large international groups in any kind of business. This makes possible to conduct business deals offering service level agreements (SLA) or turn key projects.

In addition, comes the ability to guarantee the continuity of a mission in case something goes wrong by proposing a substitute profile.

Nevertheless Coralis remains made of small entities making of it the missing link to Small and Medium Enterprises market. Coralis can therefore offer services and a way of work that fits perfectly with the SME's needs. "The SME's of the ICT at the service of the ICT of the SME's"

Several initiatives (Fellowship meetings, Competency centres) make sure that knowledge is shared amongst its members, either informal or by internal courses.

Coralis offers also, to its group members, to obtain important discounts on hiring or purchasing material, cars, on transport and/or accommodation fees, or for different subscriptions.

Moreover it may grant access to information sources like Gartner and IDC.

The Coralis Business Model builds on an administrative structure focused only on contract follow up. By maintaining very low overhead costs and keeping the commercial commission fee at a very fair rate it can offer a quality service witch has an excellent price/competence ratio.

Perhaps the best on the market today.


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